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Camp Silverlands

Silverlands Camp is a large forested area is located ten minutes west of High River on 18 acres of land adjacent to an oxbow of the Highwood River. The majority of the grounds are natural cottonwood and willow forest with some open 'meadow' areas used for activities and camping.


Main Hall
The camp has a large hall approximately 1400sqft which can hold approximately 100 people. It comprises a main hall and back room. The hall has both heat and electricity.

Cook House
Is a small rustic building adjacent to Main Hall it includes a wood burning fireplace, a stove, fridge/ freezer and a food prep area.

A large meadow area is ideal for setting up tents with a capacity of approximately 200 people (tents are not included).

There are two pit style latrines both with electric lights. Non-potable water is available from a hand pump.

Fire Pit
Seats approximately 100 people and firewood is available at the camp for no additional cost.

Outdoor Activities
Outdoor activities include canoeing or skating on the oxbow, orienteering, snowshoeing, pioneering (lashing), wide games, climbing on the web, the brand new obstacle course, wildlife tracking, native plant identification, campfires, archery range (please note: your group needs to supply their own instructor), stargazing, camping, survival skills and much more. These are suggested activities and may not be suitable for all groups depending on age, experience, training, and program restrictions

For rates and booking please contact the camp coordinator
Silverland Society

Silverland Camp Society
The Silverland Camp Society is a volunteer organization that manages the camp on behalf of High River Scouting and Guiding. Our primary focus is to provide camping and outdoor focused activities for local youth. The facility is available for rental to other groups depending on availability and suitability at the discretion of the board.